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Vegetarian Quesadillas stacked on top of each other
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Vegetarian Quesadillas

This Vegetarian Quesadillas recipe is a family favourite, using vegetables and beans to create a quick and healthy meal in under 20 minutes
Prep Time5 mins
Cook Time15 mins
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Mexican
Keyword: dinner, family, quick
Servings: 6
Author: Ayeh
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  • 6 flour or corn tortillas
  • 1 cup corn kernels, can be canned/fresh or frozen and thawed
  • 1 large tomato diced into cubes
  • 1 red onion diced into cubes
  • 1 can black beans drained (420g)
  • 120 g cheddar or vegan cheese grated
  • Handful of fresh coriander chopped
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • Salt and Pepper to taste

Chipotle Sauce

  • 3 tablespoon Greek yoghurt or mayonnaise
  • ½ teaspoon chipotle in adobo sauce


  • Lime or lemon (optional)


  • Dry fry corn on a pan on a medium heat without any oil to get them nice and charred. Once charred, remove corn to a bowl
  • Sauté onion in olive oil on a medium heat, once cooked, add to the same bowl.
  • Add beans, tomato, and coriander to the bowl, season with salt and pepper, mix to combine all ingredients
  • Mix chipotle sauce ingredients in a small bowl, you can adjust either adding more or less chipotle depending on how spicy you like it
  • In the same pan, add a tortilla (there’s no need to add any oil). Add some sauce to half of the tortilla
  • Spoon some of the mixture evenly on top of the sauce, still keeping on half of the tortilla. Then top with cheese.
  • Using a spatula, fold the empty side of the quesadilla over and press down so that the cheese becomes like a glue to stick the tortilla together.
  • After a minute, flip the tortilla over so the second side gets a nice golden colour. Once golden remove off the pan and continue with the remaining tortillas.
  • Slice quesadillas in half, squeeze some lemon or lime (optional) and dig in!